wordpress guru


For one-on-one WordPress assistance, fill out my contact form with your inquiry, and I will answer your questions as quickly as possible.  If you want to do the research yourself, go to Learn WordPress.com, which is also a link under the Spotlight listing to the right of every page on this website.

Or, for a more extensive engagement, provide me with a NEW e-mail account you want associated with the site for administrative purposes*, and I can create a WordPress site for you, personalize the site as per your desires, and then hand it all over to you confidentially, whereupon you change the passwords for everything to make it secure.

Projects progress in age as you scroll down the page:

  • Professional client website construction for a social worker, intended to draw in new clients and maintain a high-quality professional presence on the Internet.  Notable features include a static front page to welcome clients,  a posts-style page for news and announcements, customized menu building, and a confidential contact form.
  • I also created two clubs’ web presences. Commenters could use generated avatars, and Google Calendar integration for automatic updates on club activities.
  • A two-quarter college program where my class of eight people worked closely to create the prototype of a multimedia digital library; emphasis on culling our college student- and alumni-generated content to feed passively into topical pages.  The result was a lot of experience in customizing upgraded WordPress and familiarizing ourselves with the PageLines theme.  Our project was handed over to the college academic computing center after the class ended.
  • My own personal blog; I learn new things all the time.

*Any contact form submissions are sent to the Administrative e-mail address (important to know for confidentiality purposes!), but you can easily automatically forward e-mails from that inbox into your own preferred address.