Magic Box – Sol

After removing the hardware on this wooden box, I sanded the surfaces inside and out, then applied gesso, followed by the acrylic pigment layer, which was then sealed with a matte clear finish, and then screwed the hardware back on. I am told that this box, which is about 7.5 inches on its longest side, perfectly fit a large tarot deck and book, a pendulum, ceremonial knife, and other accessories, all in one safe place. The outside design in intended to evoke the sensation of the sun, earth, and light. The inside uses the Celtic pagan spiral motif to signify cyclical time, and has the crescent moon on the inside lid for internal reflection and connection with the night. This box has already been gifted to it’s companion, but a future box might be yours for approximately $50.

magicbox1-1 magicbox1-2 magicbox1-3 magicbox1-4 magicbox1-5 magicbox1-6 magicbox1-7


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